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a. What Is The M.M.T.F.

    The Miami Medical Team Foundation (M.M.T.F.) is a group of idealistic and well intentioned human beings that have united under a strong leadership.
    The M.M.T.F. is a non-profit, humanitarian, self-supported organization whose goals are the improvement of the sanitary and medical conditions in those Third World countries with desperate needs.
    The M.M.T.F. works to provide relief for the people of those countries torn by natural or man-made catastrophes.
    The M.M.T.F.ís central core is composed of Medical Doctors of all specialties, as well as Dentists, followed by another ring of Nurses and Physical Therapists, Medical Technicians and Pharmacists.
    Finally, we count with the association of well established logistics personnel, volunteer men and women who help in the collection, classification and packing of the donations.
    The M.M.T.F. was founded in the early 1980s, when refugees began piling in the borders between Nicaragua and Honduras. Since then, the group has been involved in many different scenarios of tragedy and despair in five continents of our planet, providing assistance to a total of nineteen countries.
    The modus operandi of the M.M.T.F. consists, among other things, in providing medical and surgical teams to the affected areas, and in other occasions, by shipping medical equipment which has been donated to our organization, to the different hospitals and clinics in the affected countries. The shipment of medications to these areas is another service that our organization provides.
    On many instances, we have developed training programs in different fields of medicine and surgery, as well as technological teaching in laboratory, radiology, etc.
    The M.M.T.F. members have always covered the expenses and cost of each and every humanitarian operation they embark on. We have not been granted by any institution or government agency, but are registered in the United States Agency for International Development (A.I.D.).